• Samurai Japanese BBQ and Grill

    Enjoy Japaneses-style authentic BBQ and fresh seafood in a sophisticated space


  • Easily accessible near the strip

    3650 S Decatur Blvd , Las Vegas,NV 89103

    Tel & fax (702)331-3764


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  • Business hour

    We are temporarily open on February 14th. We will be temporarily closed on February 15th.


    Mon 12:00pm~15:00pm

    Tue CLOSE

    Wed 12:00pm~15:00pm

    Thu 12:00pm~15:00pm

    Fri 12:00pm~15:00pm


    Mon 17:00pm~12:00am

    Tue CLOSE

    Wed 17:00pm~12:00am

    Thu 17:00pm~12:00am

    Fri 17:00pm~12:00am

    Sat 12:00pm~12:00am

    Sun 12:00pm~10:00pm

  • SAMURAI Japanese BBQ and Grill

    Beyond the boundaries of taste.

  • SAMURAI BBQ specialty "Assorted premium 8 kinds"

    Food at first sight.

    Premium 8kinds assorted

    Thick cut tongue

    Wagyu A-5 sirloin

    Fresh oyster

    Washugyu Beef

    American-bred Black Angus cattle are carefully screened and selected for superior genetic traits. They are then raised on the highest feed quality available, with a completely vegetarian diet specifically designed to enhance the flavor and marbling of the beef. The meat is harvested at 30 months to ensure maturity and full flavor. All Washugyu beef is USDA-certified organic and has never received hormonal treatment.

  • Seat Guide

    Take a look and enjoy!

    VIP Room

    A private suite for a party of two - eight guests. Quiet, classy, and free to reserve!

    Bar Counter

    Seats at our beautiful bar, with the best view of the television! The chef will cook the meat to your taste, as there are no grills at these seats.

    Table Seating

    Comfortable and spacious seating, with a yakiniku grill at each table in our main dining area.